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2010-07-07 21:56:50 by Xflesher

Everyone knows my musics fails. So when I get my freaking PC fixed, I'm gonna try FL studio. Probably gonna be crap though. Oh well.

P.S. Soz about the inactivity, stupid selective school started delivering HOARDS of work, and I mean HOARDS!!!


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2010-10-30 06:42:04

lol @ your comment on envy's song. you're 15 years old and talk like you invented music itself. stop being such a pretentious cunt and give some appreciation where it is deserved.

Xflesher responds:

invented music?
envy's overrated, though she may be coming out of hibernation from a ditch the ground.
wait, no some drunks pee put her back to sleep.
she's been like this for years, u think she just might be making a comeback, and she falls over yet again. y can't all u faggots c that her music sounds the same?@! fucking hell
i used to be an envy fan too.
but not for that long
im going against the stream like other sane people. it seems we've been fighting an uphill battle, but im not stopping until i've driven that music from newgrounds